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F.V. Full View 1-1/4" Door

The Full View style is a striking complement to your inside door! And, you'll make an even greater impact with Full View French Doors! Featuring a Tempered Glass Insert and an optional fiberglass Screen and Insert, the Full View Door is durably constructed for a longer life span. Pre-Hung on a five-hinge Z-bar, the Full View Door is easy to install! All Full View Doors have heavy-duty . Closer's and are available in White, Mineral Brown and Black.


"C" Colonial 1-1/4" Door

The Colonial Door adds charm and grace to the exterior of country style homes. The decorative black Hinge Straps and Scalloped borders accent the "Early American" style of the Colonial Door. Available in white, the Colonial Door is delivered Pre-Hung on a three hinge Z-bar, and has one Tempered Glass Insert and one Screen Insert. The Insulated Colonial Door has two Tempered Glass Inserts, one fiberglass Screen Insert, a heavy-duty Closer, and is mounted on a five-hinged contour Z-bar.
"P" Picture 1-1/4" Door

The tempered glass of the Picture 1-1/4 Door presents a clear view of your interior door at its best! Available in White or Mineral Brown, Tempco's Picture Door will accent the beauty and elegance of every home. Featuring heavy-duty construction for long-lasting beauty and service, the Picture Door has a heavy-duty Closer and is Pre-Hung on a five-hinge contour Z-bar. A modest horizontal Kick Plate reduces the possibility of accidental door damage. Fiberglass Screen Panel is easily installed for quick seasonal changes.
"P/S-125" Self-Storing 1-1/4" Door
Self-Storing is the key feature of the "P/S-125" 1-1/4" Aluminum Door. The Glass Inserts slide up or down for quick seasonal changes without the inconvenience of removing and storing extra panels. The Provincial styling adds just the right touch to any exterior installation. The standard "P/S-125" model shown is available in White or Black, and comes with two Tempered Glass Inserts and one Screen Insert. The Insulated "P/S-125" Self-Storing Door is Single Glazed with two Glass Inserts and one Screen Insert, or Double Glazed with four Glass Inserts and one Screen Insert. All "P/S-125" Doors are Pre-Hung on a three-hinge Z-bar, and the Insulated "P/S-125" Doors are Pre-Hung on a five hinge contour z-bar. When ordering, specify our standard model; or if you need an Insulated Model, specify Single or Double Glazing. "P/S-125" Self-Storing Doors are available in White or Black

"T-125" Self-Storing Door

The "T-125" Insulated Combination Door features the same heavy-duty Construction as the "S-125" Insulated Door, but comes with two Screen Panels for extra ventilation; two Tempered Glass Inserts in the Single Insulated model and four in the Double Insulated model. The "T-125" Insulated Door has a polystyrene filled Frame and Kick Panel for maximum energy savings. For lower heating and cooling costs, ask for the "T-125" Insulated Combination Door. The "T-125" Insulated Door with heavy-duty Closer is shipped Pre-Hung on a five hinge pre-drilled contour Z-bar. Available in Mill, White, or Mineral Brown, the "T-125" Insulated and Standard Door will add years of beauty and service to every home. The Standard "T-125" Combination Door has two Screen Panels and two Glass Inserts that are easily removed. Pre-Hung on a three-hinge Z-bar, the "T-125" Standard Combination Door has the same styling and durability as the "T-125" Insulated Combination Door.

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